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Owner 1

Anthony Billetta

Much like Nick, my roots were planted in the restaurant industry, just on the other side of the kitchen doors. Growing up in an Italian family, food was our way of bonding. Every memory of vacations, family conversation, and basically all other occasions posed the question, “what’re we gonna eat?”. Coincidentally, Nick’s grandfather(the founder of his family’s restaurant), was good friends with my grandfather and grew up with him along with some of my aunts and uncles. Naturally, my family found ourselves in the Moccia's restaurant fairly often. Though my upbringing in the food industry is not the same as Nick’s, I found myself cutting lawns around the neighborhood at the age of 11 and working a variety of jobs, including multiple in the food industry, bringing us to where we are now. In addition to cutting lawns,

I found a passion for cooking around 11 years old as well. I recall being responsible for cooking Thanksgiving dinner for one of our smaller family gatherings at the age of 12 and have been learning and growing ever since. It’s hard to not love cooking when you love food as much as we do. I know that I, as well as Nick, are beyond excited to bring our love for food and family to you. ~Mangia!

Owner 2

Nick Moccia

Ever since I can remember I was obsessive and competitive- even down to the smallest details, I wanted to do everything right. These traits were not about comparing myself to those around me, but rather, finding out what I was made of. Throughout my growing up, I took up many passions and found myself lost in them. My identity became those of which I was most passionate about. The sports, friends and schooling all kept me busy but feeling empty once it ended. It was up until my college years, I looked around and saw how my past began forming my future. A few days after being born and leaving the hospital, home was not our first stop- it was the family restaurant.

My roots were planted and grown in this industry- it was never about the money or the reputation, it was the strengthening of character. Hard work meant doing the job right even when nobody was looking, service was making a friend out of a stranger and cooking was always much more than food. It is not an easy life in this industry because every day you have to make a first impression- but making the choice to strive for loyalty is what makes it all the more beautiful. As a young boy in this business, I’ve realized my life mirrored my fathers...